We keep the beauty and health in your smile with fillings that look, feel, and hold up like natural teeth!

VanderLaan Family Dentistry blends its cutting-edge dentistry with a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our “dental family” treats you like family! With a highly relationship-based approach, our team in Byron Center, Michigan, protects your teeth from the leading causes of damage: dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease. Should our dentist, Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, find existing problems during a routine exam, he would recommend prompt treatment. Fillings represent one of the more conservative types of treatment for earlier-stage decay. Our fillings options may be made from a highly cosmetic yet durable tooth-colored material. 

Is a filling in your future?

Cavities happen when dental decay grows to the extent that it is visible either on x-rays or clinically by the dentist. Decay is caused by plaque bacteria, acid, and food particles.  The bacteria utilize food particles and secret acid, this acid erodes the tooth surface layer, causing small cavitations to form.  Once large and visible enough, an actual cavity will require treatment such as a dental filling.

The ultimate goal is to prevent any cavity formation, or reverse newly forming decay that is not yet visible.  This is why our preventative protocol is at the center of what we do in our practice.  We ultimately know that no dentistry is the best dentistry, and we work tirelessly with our patients to minimize their treatment needs long term.

Once a cavity is detected and of a size that requires a filling, a conservative removal of infected tooth structure is completed, followed by placement and bonding of a tooth colored composite resin restoration.

When properly maintained and cared for, most composite restorations can last for many years!  Generally, the larger the filling the less time it typically lasts, and very small fillings last nearly indefinitely.  Of course, all of this is highly dependent on the individual patient’s care and attention to their personal orally hygiene.   

In some cases, Dr. VanderLaan may recommend restorative options with greater coverage.   Dental inlays and onlays may be prescribed when the tooth is damaged enough that it requires a more durable repair than a filling can provide, but is not quite yet at the point where a full coverage crown is necessary. 

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The process 

If fillings are deemed appropriate, we will discuss ways to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment. The process itself is common, efficient, and well-tolerated. We start by administering any necessary local anesthetic, so that you can remain pain free during the procedure.  Once anesthetized, Dr. VanderLaan will remove the damaged tissue and reshape the tooth for proper bonding, so that the filling will bond securely to the tooth. Fillings made from materials such as composite are not only natural in appearance, but they also allow the most conservative and minimal removal of natural tooth structure as possible. Due to our use of quality materials and exacting techniques, fillings designed, made, and placed by Dr. VanderLaan are made to last. 

Brush and floss well and consistently, and have regular dental check-ups at our office in Byron Center, MI, as directed by Dr. VanderLaan. Call (616) 288-2554 to schedule your check-up today.