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Led by Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, our team, serving Byron Center, Wyoming, Dorr Township, Kentwood, Grandville, Wayland, Hudsonville, and Cutlerville, Michigan, has all oral health needs covered! VanderLaan Family Dentistry proudly serves individuals and their families across western Michigan with the latest and most effective services and techniques to support a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles.

We provide a conservative, caring, and non-judgmental touch within a state-of-the-art facility. 

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  • Range of conservative therapiesWhy alter tooth structure when you do not have to? Dr. VanderLaan emphasizes traditional tooth-preserving techniques. For instance, he may recommend Mi Paste™ as a topical alternative to more invasive treatments, such as veneers to remineralize the teeth. In doing so, we can address cosmetic imperfections such as white, chalky spots on the teeth
  • The gold standard in tooth replacement – Dr. VanderLaan is equipped to offer those individuals with missing or failing teeth the best in modern prosthetics. Dental implants function as tooth roots. They stabilize the prosthetic teeth in the jaw. One implant may be positioned precisely in the jawbone to support a single crown, or a minimal number of strategically-placed implants may be applied to stabilize a bridge, partial, or complete denture
  • Attractive alternatives to conventional “metal mouth” bracesClearCorrect® effectively repositions the teeth without using fixed silver brackets and wires. Our orthodontic treatment choice uses transparent, removable custom aligners to shift the teeth into proper placements. This discreet, comfortable, hassle-free treatment modality can treat cosmetic or bite issues. 
  • The ultimate in convenient restorations – Benefit from same-day dentistry! Due to our CAD/CAM software and equipment investments, Dr. VanderLaan can prepare, design, fabricate, and place stunning and durable dental restorations (such as crowns) in just one appointment. That’s right – we make crowns in-house while you wait. Since an outside lab does not drive our restorations, you avoid the repeat trips to our office.
  • Dramatic, affordable, and natural-looking cosmetic dentistry – Professional teeth whitening presents one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your smile. We use concentrated and proven whitening gels and strips to safely, comfortably, and effectively remove stains. These options can be applied from home and on your schedule. (update with Zoom, custom trays, SheerWhite.
  • Hassle-free alternatives to CPAP therapy – We offer a better way for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who cannot tolerate the noise and discomfort associated with the CPAP machine. A custom oral appliance may be used to reposition the tissues in the throat that block patients’ airways during sleep. 
  • Oral appliance therapy is also appropriate for patients with problems ranging from bruxism (teeth grinding) to Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJDs).  Dr. VanderLaan has received significant training and can help patients with their TMJ Disorders.

Additionally, we offer considerable savings on preventative and restorative treatments via our in-office VFD Family Savings Plan. For an affordable and predictable annual membership fee, enrollees can enjoy discounted services with no hassle and restrictions associated with conventional insurance plans. 

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