Enjoy the benefits of modern tooth replacement … dentures that fit, feel, function, and look like natural teeth!

As a true and trusted family dental care provider, Dr. Matthew VanderLaan and our team work closely with patients in and around Byron Center, Michigan, to prevent tooth loss. However, when teeth cannot be preserved, we offer a range of precision-fit, high-quality prosthetics. 

Benefit from today’s dentures. 

Patients who still have some of their teeth may be good candidates for removable partial dentures. The partials we design and place at VanderLaan Family Dentistry are expertly planned and designed by Dr. VanderLaan. Many common complaints associated with dentures concern a poor or ill fit. So, we ensure that the dentures fit precisely, are stabilized correctly in the mouth, and feel great. That way, the denture won’t be loose and shift around in the mouth. Additionally, we use quality dental materials designed to replicate the appearance and structure of natural tooth enamel and gum tissue. Our dentures look like natural teeth, not fake or plastic. 

The process

Unlike other services at our practice, we start with a thorough consultation and evaluation. For instance, we may find that other teeth in your mouth are failing and must be removed. After properly assessing the condition of all your remaining teeth and needs, treatment recommendations are discussed. Dental bridges represent an alternative to partials. They may be appropriate for patients with some remaining healthy teeth because the prosthetic tooth in a bridge is held in place by neighboring anchor teeth. Partial dentures, too, rely on neighboring teeth; however, the prosthetic teeth and gum tissue are held in place by special attachments that connect to the closest teeth. 

As true partners in your oral health, we work with you to keep your dentures in top shape. It is critical to consistently rinse, brush, and soak your dentures with dentist-recommended techniques and products. Take gentle care around the clasps, as these small parts are more vulnerable to breakage. And be sure to leave the repairs to us! During your routine check-up, Dr. VanderLaan will ensure your denture is in good working order. He is also happy to answer any questions and address any concerns about adjusting to wearing and caring for your new teeth.

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Call (616) 288-2554 to reach our team in Byron Center, MI. In addition to the above types of replacement teeth, you may be a good candidate for implant-supported prosthetics, including dentures retained in the jaw by dental implants.