We are here for you when the worst happens; prompt emergency care from a local team you can trust.

We at VanderLaan Family Dentistry in Byron Center, Michigan, are here for your family through whatever life brings, be it an unexpected accident at the rink or a toothache interfering with your ability to eat, sleep, or think. If it concerns you, it is a concern to us. We encourage you to call our office in the event of a dental emergency. 

Our kind and talented dentist, Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, will provide after-hours guidance to get you out of pain in the short term. We will also accommodate a visit to our office as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of your concern, we may prescribe medications to help manage pain before you can get to our office. Applying a cold compress or other instructions on care may be provided to help ease swelling and discomfort. 

Of course, we also take a preventive approach. Many of the conditions that lead to the need for urgent dental care can be avoided with regular visits to our office. We minimize the risk factors for painful and destructive conditions like dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease during routine check-ups at least once every six months. We manage and prevent the build-up of bacteria and harmful bacterial plaque with thorough yet gentle professional teeth cleaning. Dr. VanderLaan also provides comprehensive exams and X-rays, as needed, to detect problems in their earliest stages. 

These exams are also opportunities to discuss professional preventive services, appliances, and products to help prevent the trauma that leads to calls outside regular office hours. Depending on your risk factors and needs, Dr. VanderLaan may recommend the following: 

  • Fluoride supplements remineralize or build up the minerals in protective tooth enamel and reverse early decay 
  • Dental sealants to prevent damage to decay-prone back teeth 
  • Nightguards or oral splints to protect the teeth from damage caused by chronic teeth grinding (bruxism) or clenching
  • Sports guards or mouthguards, customized to fit the mouth and to protect the teeth, gums, and oral tissues from sports injuries

Even with the best of care and attention, accidents can happen. Situations can occur that lead to the need for prompt care. We are privileged to provide considerable peace of mind to our valued patients.

Keep our number handy, and call without delay with questions or concerns. The office of VanderLaan Family Dentistry can be reached at (616) 288-2554.