An introduction to safe, comfortable, precise technologies … to accurately detect early-stage oral problems

 Consistent visits to VanderLaan Family Dentistry in Byron Center, Michigan, are fundamental to keeping your mouth healthy and functional and your smile looking great. During these visits, our dentist, Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, will examine your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues and structures to look for any signs of problems, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or even TMJ dysfunction. For what he cannot see with his eyes or feel by touch (suspicious lumps can indicate oral cancers or pre-cancers), Dr. VanderLaan has a high-tech helper: digital dental X-rays and CBCT technology.

Diagnostics you can trust 

The digital X-rays we use at VFD are a low-radiation, no-waste alternative to conventional film-based imaging or radiography. Additionally, our investments in dental imaging support the most comfortable patient experience and accurate diagnostics. It is essential for us to use state-of-the-art tools that produce very clear and detailed images. These technologies reveal what we cannot visualize with the human eye or what we cannot feel by touch. 

Since imaging systems, such as digital and panoramic X-rays, provide a comprehensive, expansive view of the entire mouth, we can see and pinpoint any anomalies that might remain “hidden.” Often, oral conditions are “silent” or asymptomatic in their earliest stages. If symptoms of early-stage enamel or gum damage are present, they tend to be subtle and, thus, easily ignored. Patients rely on our diagnostic know-how and capabilities to detect what cannot be sensed easily. Our team can then recommend prompt treatment of problems such as small cavities, gingival inflammation, and pre-cancers. This approach furthermore avoids the damage that results in the need for potentially involved, invasive, and costly treatment to restore lost or deteriorated hard tissues (teeth and bone) and soft tissues (gums). 

We may also use these valuable diagnostics to track how well therapies or other oral care modifications are working to resolve problems like periodontal disease. 

To learn more about what to expect from our safe, sustainable, comfortable, and trusted diagnostics, call VanderLaan Family Dentistry at (616) 288-2554. We welcome your questions and look forward to meeting you and your family!