We keep your mouth happy with proactive, professional dental exams, cleanings, and services.

Oral disease is common. Dental decay is the most common chronic childhood disease, and gum disease affects around half of American adults aged 30 and older. Fortunately, many ailments of the oral cavity (mouth) can be prevented with routine care at your trusted neighborhood dental provider in Byron Center, Michigan: VanderLaan Family Dentistry.

Protect your smile and health with dental check-ups 

Our dentist, Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, generally recommends visits to our office once every six months. During these visits, Dr. VanderLaan performs thorough dental exams. Our skilled dental hygienists also perform cleanings during the same appointment. Both of these steps are important because:

  • Many oral conditions are progressive. Problems like dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease may not be accompanied by any symptoms in their earliest stages. So, patients may be completely unaware of the hidden, damaging problem in their mouths. If symptoms of early-stage enamel erosion or gingival inflammation are present, they may be subtle. In turn, it is easy for patients to miss the signs. By the time symptoms like pain are interfering with eating, the damage has been done. Later-stage dental and periodontal disease can result in the need for costly, time-consuming, and aggressive restorative care. Teeth and other tissues may be lost. Dr. VanderLaan can detect problems in their earliest phases before damage arises using his advanced knowledge and diagnostic technologies. Early detection of conditions like enamel erosion and gingivitis can not only stop these problems from progressing and causing damage, but this approach also supports treatment that reverses the early effects of decay or gum disease.
  • When bacteria and particles from the foods and drinks we consume are not adequately removed, it promotes the development of destructive, sticky bacterial plaque. As plaque builds up, it hardens into tartar. Calculus (or “tartar”) is stubborn; only skilled dental hygienists can effectively remove this. Since tartar erodes the teeth and irritates and inflames the supportive gum tissue, we can minimize your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease by removing this stubborn form of plaque.

These services are accompanied by guidance on effective brushing and flossing techniques and recommendations for oral care products. Dr. VanderLaan also screens regularly for oral cancers and pre-cancerous lesions. He may recommend further treatments (such as a “deep clean” to resolve active gum disease) or preventive professional services – from dental sealants to topical fluoride supplementation. 

Schedule your check-up today! Call (616) 288-2554 to reach the VFD office in Byron Center, MI. Our “family” looks forward to meeting your family!