How dental bridges fill the space between teeth to complete your healthy, appealing smile

At VanderLaan Family Dentistry, we treat multi-generational families from Byron Center and western Michigan. We help family members of all ages to keep their natural teeth. In the event of tooth loss, Dr. Matthew VanderLaan is equipped to replace teeth with a range of prosthetic options promptly.  One of these options include dental bridges. 

Closing the gap 

Like an architectural bridge that spans two points, the dental bridge spans the space between teeth. In effect, the bridge replaces an extracted tooth or a tooth lost due to disease or other forms of trauma. There are many different types of bridges. And the bridge design also varies depending on the number of teeth that are missing and need to be replaced.  

Dental bridge illustration
Illustration of Dental Bridge

The teeth on either side of the edentulous space (spot missing the tooth) are shaped like crowns.  The crowns are then fabricated with a prosthetic tooth between them forming the actual bridge! 

While bridges are a time-tested method of replacing teeth, they are not the most conservative option. That honor goes to dental implants. Embedded in the jawbone, the implants serve as natural tooth roots to stabilize crowns, bridges, or dentures. They do not require the removal of any natural tooth structure, which is why they are more ideal.  Also, cleaning around an implant is similar to cleaning a tooth, while bridges may need special cleaning techniques and products to remove food and bacteria from tight, hard-to-reach spaces underneath the bridge. 

That said, dental bridges are a comparatively affordable and fast way to replace missing teeth. If you have gaps in your smile or are concerned about a damaged tooth, call VanderLaan Family Dentistry at (616) 288-2554.