Failing teeth? Gaps in your smile? Our team is here to help with trusted restorative dentistry.

As your neighborhood dental practice, VanderLaan Family Dentistry offers trusted care for patients of all ages in Byron Center, Wyoming, Dorr Township, Kentwood, Grandville, Wayland, Hudsonville, and greater western Michigan. Led by Grand Rapids native Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, our office also has advanced capabilities and technologies on site. Dr. VanderLaan handles almost everything patients need, throughout their oral health journeys, from the comfort of our well-appointed dental office. 

Restorative dentistry 

Due to our caring and trusted approach, we develop strong relationships with each patient. These relationships are built on consistent, routine visits to our office and prompt and ongoing follow-up and guidance on oral care techniques, products, and services. By supporting dental (teeth) and periodontal (gum) health, we can help our patients avoid the need for restorative treatments. 

If your teeth are marred by conditions such as decay or fractures, Dr. VanderLaan will recommend prompt treatment, including: 

  • Tooth-colored composite fillings 
  • Dental inlays 
  • Dental onlays (porcelain crowns)
  • Full dental crowns 
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental bridges
  • Dentures (both complete and partial)
  • Implant-supported dentures 

Using advanced techniques, materials, and technologies, we can rebuild parts of a tooth or the entire tooth so that the restoration or prosthetic is indistinguishable in appearance, feel, and function from a natural and healthy tooth. Additionally, we do not merely invest in technologies for the sake of investing in the latest trend. Our investments are made with the utmost patient satisfaction, comfort, safety, and convenience. Notably, we use industry-leading technologies and materials from Glidewell Labs to prepare, design, fabricate, make, and place high-quality dental crowns in-house and in just one visit.