We rescue badly damaged teeth with painless Root Canal Therapy

It is our privilege at VanderLaan Family Dentistry to support the oral health of so many families from Byron Center and across western Michigan. Dr. Matthew VanderLaan and our team know that overall health and well-being follow when oral health is supported. Our patients can “be” the best when they feel their best and are at their healthiest. 

Additionally, we treat patients of all ages and at every life stage. For instance, formerly healthy patients might face new challenges or risks to their oral health as they age. Painless Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is one of the many services provided at our office and may be recommended to preserve teeth with deep or severe infections. 

Restorative care to the rescue!

RCT may be an appropriate procedure for patients with dental damage inside the tooth. As decay eats its way through the protective enamel to the dentin, the tooth is vulnerable to severe inflammation and infection. The innermost pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. When the pulp is inflamed or infected, you will likely feel it! In addition to shooting or persistent pain, you may notice swelling. A tooth that is damaged in this manner does not spontaneously heal itself. 

The tooth will require prompt care to “save” it. Furthermore, immediate care in the form of Root Canal Therapy also helps to avoid complications such as abscesses. This infection can spread to other parts of the mouth, face, and head. Some untreated abscesses are associated with systemic infections (a medical emergency). 

Fortunately, when in the hands of Dr. VanderLaan, RCT is a predictable and straightforward way to resolve pain and other symptoms and to preserve your tooth safely! You avoid the need to remove or extract the badly damaged tooth. In turn, you also avoid the need for more aggressive, time-consuming, and expensive forms of tooth replacement. 

RCT Procedure 

  • We will want to “clean” the inside of your tooth
  • We open up the tooth to access its insides
  • All treatment is done after your tooth is fully numbed. So you won’t feel anything but relief
  • After the tooth is accessed, we remove damaged tissues
  • Since the nerve is gone, you will no longer feel that aching, painful sensation
  • The root canals that surround and contain the pulp are also sterilized and reshaped
  • Now, your tooth gets a second chance! The canals are sealed off. We later restore the treated tooth with a dental crown. The crown strengthens the tooth and prevents future damage

As you can see, RCT is nothing to fear! Call (616) 288-2554 to schedule your appointment today at VanderLaan Family Dentistry in Byron Center, MI.