The many ways we complete smiles with modern tooth replacement … from precision-fit dentures to overdentures.

Today, individuals who are missing one tooth or a mouthful of teeth have many options to restore their complete and confident smile. VanderLaan Family Dentistry makes the most of the latest dental science and technology. So, our team, led by Dr. Matthew VanderLaan, can rebuild your smile in a way that perfectly replicates the appearance and function of natural, healthy teeth. 

Dentures options at our Byron Center, Michigan office 

Modern dentures are made from various high-quality materials, from performance plastics to ceramics such as porcelain. Generally, for partial and complete (or full) dentures, the prosthetic teeth and gums are made from acrylic and porcelain. These prosthetics are attached to a base or framework made from metals. Partials are appropriate for patients with healthy, remaining teeth in their upper or lower dental arch(es). An upper or lower complete denture(s) may suit those with many failing or missing teeth. 

Our team uses exacting planning and diagnostic technologies to design prosthetic teeth that fit well. Proper fit is essential for optimal comfort, healthy and efficient function, and overall satisfaction with dentures. Since conventional full dentures are held in place by natural suction, they must fit the patient’s unique contours like a glove. Otherwise, the denture will slide around in the mouth. This can cause embarrassing slip-ups when eating or speaking. Furthermore, ill-fitting dentures can lead to persistent discomfort and sores. 

In addition to our precision planning and use of advanced materials, we ensure patients’ long-term satisfaction with their new teeth by partnering with them. We work with our valued patients to ensure they adjust quickly to speaking with and otherwise using their dentures. On an ongoing basis, we advise on ways to keep dentures in top shape and products to aid in the retention of the denture. Over time, our professional services may be necessary to restore optimal fit. With time, tissues can change, and patients may find that their dentures are no longer as stable or comfortable as they used to be. We can discuss relining, rebasing, and other adjustments to sustain healthy, comfortable functions. 

We are also happy to discuss implant-supported alternatives to partial and complete dentures. In some cases, existing dentures can be retained and better stabilized with minimal strategically placed implants. These implants are tooth roots to secure the prosthetic (or overdenture)—call (616) 288-2554 without delay to discover your ideal options for tooth replacement. Our team at VanderLaan Family Dentistry in Byron Center, MI, welcomes your questions and looks forward to meeting you!